FREE Car Wash Sign-up For New Vehicle Owners

Free car wash Johns auto Spa New Vehicle Car Wash Program - 1 month 30 days free

Free car wash eligibility is for owners of a current year new vehicle.

Congratulations on buying a new vehicle!

The free car wash program is in partnership with your car dealership.

John’s Auto Spa wants you to keep your car looking the way it did when you first drove it off the dealer’s lot.

One way to keeping your vehicle looking new

The single best way to keep your new car, SUV, truck, or van looking so good is to get in the habit of washing and waxing your car on a regular basis.

Easier said than done right?

I mean between work, sleep, and family time — will you really hand wash your car every thing it rains, snows, or you drive on a dusty road?

Do you have time to wash your new car by hand

Probably not.

Fortunately, John’s Auto Spa has a solution for you.

To help you see how quick and easy it is to wash your car, we want to give you 30 days of unlimited washing… no hidden catches, no strings attached!

This 1-month free car wash pass is valid for new vehicles only!

A new vehicle is defined as the current model year plus the next model year.

We are sorry, but, the program’s cut-off period is for prior model year vehicles as of March 31 of each year.

Only one pass is allowed per new vehicle.

Answers to commonly asked question about John’s Auto Spa’s New Vehicle Car Wash Program can be found on the FAQ page.

New Car Owner Free Car Wash

You are just a few short steps away from a free car wash for 30 days!

Please complete the Registration Form below by filling in your vehicle information, including your full 17 digit VIN number.

You can find your new vehicle’s VIN # on your registration form, or on the bottom panel just below the driver side front windshield.

Please enter this information carefully.

Once your information is verified, and we have confirmed with the dealer that the vehicle is new, we will issue your 30 day Free Car Wash Pass.

Simply fill-out the form below, and keep an eye out for your complimentary wash pass sent via email.


Two Facts About Car Washing

Car Washes protect your investment!

Vehicle maintenance goes beyond oil changes.

Yes, we offer oil changes too!

Keeping a vehicle clean is necessary beyond the aesthetics reasons we often consider.

Did you know that by keeping your vehicle clean you can help increase its value at the time of trade-in or resale?

That is right!

According to auto trade-in experts such as Kelley Blue Book,

Vehicles in excellent mechanical condition and appearance can be valued as much as $1,500 higher than those in good or fair condition.

Professional Car Washing is environmentally friendly!

Professional washes can use up to 50% less water than at home washes, thanks to conservation measures.

Now, it is true that some car washes do not have a filter on there water system.

As a result, sand and dirt particles in the recycled water might scratch your car.

Here at John’s Auto Spa we take every measure of precaution to ensure our recycled water is filtered.

We also only use the Lammscloth and carwash components to prevent scratching.

That’s right — NO BRUSHES!

In addition, did you know all professional car washes are mandated to pipe dirty water to treatment facilities or approved state drainage facilities?

In contrast, when you hand wash a vehicle at home, though unintentional you are polluting the environment with soap and road grime (oil, tar, dirt) which eventually ends up in storm sewers.

As you know, those storm sewer drains ultimately flow into our local lakes, streams and rivers.