GM Warns Vehicles Owner To Only Use Dexos Engine Oil

In response to an increasingly global market place and continued advancements in both engine and engine oil technology, General Motors Powertrain Engineers developed dexos™ – a proprietary, global engine oil specification designed specifically to meet the requirements of GM vehicles.

Whether it’s a Chevrolet, Opel, Daewoo, or Commodore driven in Pennsylvania, Munich, Seoul, or Sydney, dexos™ engine oils are those recommended by GM for use in their vehicles. dexos™ is an exclusive trademark of General Motors, LLC and only those oils displaying the dexos™ trademark and icon on the front label meet the demanding performance requirements and stringent quality standards set forth in the dexos™specification.
To ensure this high quality, specially designed oil is not only available at GM service centers, a licensing program has been established so that dexos™ is also available at retail outlets and quick lube operations.

dexos™ licensed products are easy to identify. Simply look for the word dexos™ and its icon on the front label and the dexos™ license number on the back label (11 characters, alphanumeric).

Don’t be fooled by oils with claims on the back label such as “meets”, “complies with” or “is approved for use with” the dexos™ specification. Look alikes or unlicensed products that don’t display the dexos™ icon and trademark on the front label simply don’t comply with the high performance and quality standards of dexos™.
dexos™ is approved and recommended by GM for use in all its vehicles, including all older vehicles. It is specified in the owner’s manual for all 2011 and later model years, with the exception of Europe where dexos™ is specified starting in model year 2010.

  • dexos1™ is designed for use with gasoline engines and replaces GM-LL-A025, GM6094M and GM4718M
  • dexos2™ is designed for use with light-duty diesel engines and replaces GMLL-B-025 and GM-LL-A-025

Only certified and licensed dexos1™ and dexos2™ engine oils are recommended for service of GM vehicles. The use of engine oils other than dexos™ can result in: 1) damage of engine parts and hardware that are not covered under warranty and 2) lower levels of performance.
The dexos™ specification and trademark are exclusive to General Motors, LLC. The Center for Quality Assurance monitors and publishes licensed dexos™ products to assist consumers in making informed decisions when purchasing engine oil to service their vehicle.
Using engine oils other than authentic dexos™ licensed products could result in damage that is not covered under warranty.

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